About Us

About Us

Dynamo Consultancy – established with a goal to assist and cooperate with organizations to realize and fulfill their respective mission and vision statements.

By leveraging effective human capital talent, Dynamo Consultancy provides a new insight and approach to strategic human resources (HR) roles, change management, organizational culture, organizational performance, and engages employees in the organization’s strategy.

Strategic HR roles are in direct relation with an organization’s mission and vision, which are utilized and leveraged over other organization’s resources, that result in providing suitable working environment which is the key to the success of any organization through creative and innovative consultation services based on internationally recognized practices and scientific approaches with expertise in both strategic HR management and organizational development.

Why Us?

Dynamo provides the private sector and the public sector with a new insight on creating strategic HR methods that transform an organization to a global world class business. We equip HR departments with the skills and capabilities to advance top management’s strategic planning. Some of the benefits your organization can expect to acquire some or all of the following:

  • Successful Implementation of Strategic HR
  • Adopting positive organizational culture
  • Succession Management
  • Effective training & development methodologies
  • Leadership & Personal Development Management
  • Professional & Career Development Management
  • Successful Implementation of change in management
  • Enhance teamwork performance
  • Optimize employee performance
  • Effective performance management practices


By acquiring the items mentioned, your organization will be able to maximize their market share value, integrate continuous improvement through sustainable change, as well as meet and surpass stakeholders expectations.


Achieving market leadership though the proper implementation of organizational sustainable development and ultimately providing GCC citizens with a high quality of life.



Inspire organizations to achieve their vision, mission, and a high retention of their most valuable human capital; as well as, assist their employees in reaching their full talent potential and maximize their impact around the world.



  • Professionalism.
  • Alliance.
  • Teamwork.
  • Quality.
  • Value added.