Program Content


The Challenge of Change and the Change Event

  • Explore basic core principles of change.
  • Examine human emotions to change and its impact.
  • Understand the role of personality in change adoption.
  • Understand the cause of changes, what roles people play in change events and how to sell a change.
  • Explore reactions to change and how to deal with resistance & improve resilience.


How is Change Managed and Change Leadership

  • Understand the differences between Change Management & Managing Change.
  • Explore Kotter, ADKAR® and other Change Management Models & Theories.
  • Understand different levels of change and their relationships including strategic, organizational and tactical change events.
  • Understand leadership and its relationship to Change Management.
  • Explore the role of innovation with Change.


What is a Change Agent and Time for you to Change

  • Define the role of Change Agent.
  • Define your change agent role & your organization’s needs and expectations.
  • Compare the outputs and outcomes needed to be a successful change agent referencing Kotter, ADKAR® and Capillary Models.
  • Explore how to Influence without Authority.
  • Plan & Prepare for Change with tools and techniques to use in a change event.
  • Creating a change agent profile for yourself and your organization.